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There is no easier way to change the feel of you home than with paint. When deciding to update the paint on the exterior of your home it can be not only a costly but also a daunting task. At Paint 4 KC, we will evaluate your home and your needs and our team members will create a plan to treat each different surface  individually. Our team will help you quickly on your way to that fresh new look.


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Your home is where you share time with your family. Painting the interior of your home is a process that involves a lot of moving parts and can be very stressing. Paint 4 KC Professionals are patient, knowledgeable and have an eye for detail. Whether your house is in needs of a touch up or if your entire house requires updating, we will approach your project with care and diligence and let you get back to entertaining your family.


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Are your Kitchen Cabinets old and outdated, but you are unable to replace them yet?  Remodeling or updating your kitchen can be a costly project. Older cabinets that feel worn out can be easily updated and customized in ways that are cost-effective and time saving. Whether you are looking to freshen up or completely transform their color, we will put the beat back into the heart of your house.


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Exterior and Interior Painting

Painting the exterior of your home increases its value, offers protection to your home’s surface, and provides instant charm and curb appeal. Paint 4 KC is famous for our long lasting, high quality exterior paint jobs. Exterior house painting is completely different from interior painting because of the sun, rain, and snow your exterior is subjected to. We will provide support to you when deciding to paint your home. We have over 15 years’ experience in providing residential, commercial and exterior painting.

Your home is not only your biggest investment, but it is also where you bring your family and friends. Rest assured that when you hire Paint 4 KC you will receive quality results that will not only look amazing but that you will be happy to show off! We can help you make your house your home. Whether you need an update to the exterior or interior, we will make the process seamless. So, let us help you be the talk of the neighborhood with a new coat of paint.

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