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How did you feel the first time you laid eyes on your new home? How do you feel when you look at it now? First impressions are the best impressions. What you really want people to notice when they arrive at your home is not faded, chipped, cracking or peeling paint, but a fresh look that makes your house stand out from all the others on your block. There is no easier way to change the feel of  your home than with a new coat of paint. When you are deciding to update the exterior paint of your home it can be stressful. Our team will help you quickly on your way back to that brand new feeling.

Please read through the services we offer regarding exterior painting below. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get started.

Blue Paint Brush


Long before you choose your curtains, carpets and furnishings, you need to choose the right paint for your home. From choosing the right color and type of paint, to ensuring that your walls get the smooth and royal treatment, we provide it all! We have access to any color you imagine on your home. Whether choosing to go with a new color, or refreshing the existing color of your home or Commercial Property. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect colors to paint the exterior of your project.

Prep, Caulk, & Seal

We have a systematic process for prepping your home or commercial property for paint. Our expert professional painting contractors know that when it comes to great looking walls, preparation is half the work. Therefore, our painting contractors focus on sanding and art hand tools, including sanding and power tools, to ensure the walls are smooth enough to receive that first coat of paint. Once surface preparation is done, we will begin applying coats of paint, with as many coats required to give you that smooth and luxurious finish. We ensure that there is no damage to any existing surfaces or floors in your home, and are certain that all surfaces are protected using cloth covers, paper, tape and other shields.  Prepping, scraping, sanding, repairing, caulking and sealing are very important steps when preparing your house for paint. At Paint 4 KC, we take pride in ensuring the appropriate time is taken with each step and guarantee quality and ensure peace of mind.

Finish Exterior


Different surfaces require different types of paint. Depending on the surface, we may use flat, satin, semi gloss or high-gloss finishes. Color options run the gamut, but there are typically just four to five finishes to choose from within every paint manufacturers’ line. And while each brand refers to their finishes differently, the distinguishing factors are essentially the same — luster and washability.

In general, paint finishes range from completely “flat” or matte to shiny or “high-gloss.” Glossier finishes contain higher levels of resin and lower levels of  pigmentation, whereas less shiny ones contain more pigment than resin.

Wood Rot

Wood rot is not only unattractive but it can also affect the stability of your home. Wet wood is the first requirement for wood rot to begin. The moisture content of the wood has to exceed its Fiber Saturation Point (FSP), which is typically around 30% or more water content.  Next, wood decay spores, which are constantly being blown around in the wind, settle on the moist wood surface. When the temperature is warm enough, the spores germinate into tiny fungus “plants” with root-like hyphae tubes that penetrate the wood and secrete enzymes, which soften the wood and make it easier for the fungi digest. The fungi multiply to form a colony and, under the right conditions, they can expand rapidly across the wood. Our specialists will inspect your exterior for wood rot and recommend any repairs that are possible or recommended replacement where necessary.

Exterior Pressure Wash

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is often used in conjunction with painting. On certain surfaces pressure washing could be an alternative to painting. We will evaluate your property and determine what is best for each area. With the best painters in Kansas City, our highly qualified painting contractors use highpressure water blasting techniques in order to completely clean out all traces of dust and debris from the exterior walls. These high-quality materials include an anti-mildew treatment to ensure that your paint not only looks great, but is also long-lasting.

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