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Paint 4 KC’s Interior Painting

Your home is where you share time with your family. New colors can uplift and refresh your home.  Our Paint Professionals are patient, knowledgeable and have an eye for detail. Whether your house is in needs of a touch up or if your entire house requires updating, we will approach your project with care and diligence and let you get back to entertaining your family.  We Patch, We Sand, We Prime, We Paint, you name any interior wall covering solution and we do it.  The Interior of the home is where you the home owner spend most of your time, it is here where we make your house a home. Anyone can roll paint on the walls, but not everyone will spend the time to create a beautiful surface. Walls need proper preparation, imperfections need to be taken care of. Paint 4 KC will spend the time and effort to make sure you walls are smooth and free of imperfections. We take care of your home, dust control is managed with plastic sheeting and vacuuming of the work space. Wall covering solutions include Painting, Staining, Wallpapering of any interior surfaces, we even refinish cabinets.

We have outlined some of the interior painting services we offer below. If any of these services interest you, please contact us.


There isn’t any set timeline when you should plan to re-paint your home. It varies depending on climate, the quality of paint that was previously applied, how thoroughly your home was prepped beforehand, and whether you hired a good painter. A poor paint job can last as little 3 years before it needs attention, and a good one can last for upwards of 20. The most important determining factor is the condition of home’s current coat. Is the paint chipped, cracked, flaking, or peeling anywhere? We will clean all walls, fill and sand any holes prior to paint. We will contain fireplaces and electrical outlets will be taped off and covered accordingly. Following all preparation, Paint is applied to create a beautiful uniform finish on all walls.


The look of the trim in your house can change the overall way you feel. You could paint a wall in your sleep, (though we wouldn’t advise it). But when it comes to trim, there are other factors to consider, like durability, coverage, and sheens.

Scuffed up, dirty or messy trim can be an eyesore. However, clean, crisp, neat trim can make a statement that pulls everything together. With our process we provide excellent quality and appeal when finishing your trim.

marble fire mantle

Mantles and Fireplaces

Mantles and fireplaces are made to last a lifetime, however sometimes they need a facelift. A fireplace mantel is often the first thing people notice when they visit your home. Too often we find that mantles are replaced and upgrades are actually avoided.  Provided that stability remains, we can refinish instead of replacement and save you time and money. If you have a mantel that looks old or simply doesn’t match the décor in your home, it may be a good idea to refinish it. This is a project that can usually be completed in just a day or two and will provide you with a great new look for your mantel. We will help your living space feel brand new again.

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